I am UW merch drop at Union South

Get Involved

  1. Share Your Story

    We fully embrace the notion that everyone represents the campus in their own unique way. The identities that make up UW tell the real story of #IamUW. We want you to feel inspired to let your voice be heard.

  2. Get Social

    The challenge: coming together to make sure that we all feel welcome. Whether it’s liking pictures, videos, and stories that use #IamUW on social media, following us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, or checking out one of our merch drops, we want you to feel the impact of our message and spread the word.

  3. Be the Brand

    It’s all about you and what better ambassador for #IamUW than the real community of UW? You keep being awesome, we’ll keep you covered with fresh merchandise including shirts and other cool items.

  4. Let’s Go!

    Who doesn’t like free things? Send us your email and we’ll send you to free merch drops, connect you with student ambassadors and keep you posted on all things #IamUW.